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2014-8-8 21:6:59  From: Author:yaozhida

Fuel management: The vehicle owners can check the fuel consumption by using smart phone or the platform and then match the vehicle consumption curve, so that the fuel consumption cost will be reduced.

Optimal driving behavior: The system can evaluate driving behavior. The platform will send alarm information to drivers by using smart phone when the vehicle is over speeding, acceleration, sharp turning, braking and etc. The vehicle safety level will be improved. 
Remote diagnostics: The vehicle owner or drivers can obtain the failure information by using smart phone, notice the drivers to maintenance the vehicle, improve asset utilization, and driving safety.
Mileage management: vehicle mileage, night driving time and mileage, stopping time, idle time and etc can be checked by the vehicle drivers or owners. The platform can also provide many kinds of reports for vehicle owners.
Rescue service: The crash sensor is in the telematics terminal. When the emergency situation happens, the E-call or B-call service process will be started automatically. So the driver will get rescue service at once.
One-key call service: The drivers can one-key connect service center. The service center can provide navigation service, Issue points of interesting to drivers, find the nearest hotels, restaurants, parking areas and broadcast real-time traffic information service.
Active maintenance remind: The system can remind drivers to be back to maintenance which makes drivers have a good maintenance habits, so that the asset utilization will be improved.
Monitoring and scheduling: The platform communicated with smart phone in real-time, so that the vehicle positioning, Real-time tracking, regional fences, history of track query will be fulfilled which are convenience for vehicle monitoring and scheduling.

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